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Blast from the Past
by Nini (necromish)
at June 16th, 2008 (11:33 pm)

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This thing's been sitting in my IS folder for over five years now. It's time it was introduced to the world. Prepare yourselves for...

101 Positive Date Ideas, IS Edition
Original list courtesy of SADD, RHS Chapter

1. Discover an out-of-the-way cafe.
Discover an out-of-the-way, dilapidated cabin, preferably in a wooded location, and reenact the last scene from The Blair Witch Project.

2. Enjoy a sunset walk along the beach.
Enjoy a sunset walk through Ali's yard with several cans of silly string.

3. Stop to make a purchase from a street flower vendor.
Stop to make a purchase from a curly fry vendor. Everyone loves curly fries.

4. Share a box of chocolates.
Share a box of chocholates.

5. Get of group of friends together for a game of ultimate Frisbee or football.
Get a group of friends together for a Four-Way-Pokemon-Death-Match.

6. Watch the Academy Awards on TV.
Watch Trading Spaces on TV. (Life, life, life... Life Unscripted...)

7. Have your friends over for a backyard barbeque.
Have your friends over for a backyard AQ shoot.

8. Go for a morning jog together.
Go for a lunchtime flagpole walk together.

9. Make s'mores over a campfire.
Make s'mores over a campfire, drip them on a magic-user, and run for your life.

10. Plan a surprise picnic.
Plan a surprise break-in.

11. Take a pottery class together.
Take an underwater-basket-weaving class together.

12. Go to an orchestra concert.
Go to an orchestra concert and yell, "You better play well or we'll come at you with our bows upraised!" between songs.

13. See a musical.
Write a musical.

14. Hire a violinist to play during dinner.
Hire a violist to play during dinner. They deserve some time in the spotlight, too.

15. Ask your date out with a formal invitation and a single red rose.
Ask your date out by tackling him from behind and explaining that no, you really didn't die during that epic battle, you were just transported back to your own universe.

16. Request "your song" on the radio.
Request your theme song on the radio. Go berserk when the disc jockey tells you that he's never heard of "Wood Carving Parlita."

17. Make caramel apples together.
Make Top Ramen together. Race to see who can boil over their noodles first.

18. Take a ferryboat ride.
Take a 'sports' aircar ride.

19. Go out for ice cream.
Go out for Arby burgers.

20. Plan an exotic vacation.
Plan a wrestling match.

21. Go on a bike ride.
Go on a magic carpet ride.

22. Take a kickboxing class.
Take a Ronin Recognition class.

23. Try to cook a new ethnic food.
Try to cook a new ethnic food...maybe a Zealian salad or Saiyan stew.

24. Go on a road trip and flip a coin at every major turn to decide where to go.
Go on a road trip to Burkittsville, Maryland.

25. Go bungee jumping.
Go Biji jumping. Warning: We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during this activity.

26. Get manicures and pedicures.
Sharpen your nails on the couch. It saves time and money.

27. Go to the zoo for a day.
Go to the history museum for a day.

28. Host a Hawaiian luau.
Host a Japanese tea ceremony. Nothing says fun like scalding hot liquids and sore feet.

29. Go to a monster truck show.
Go to a TAG show. Count the number of cemeteries on the way there.

30. Go horseback riding.
Go horseback riding...but make sure the horse isn't your date.

31. Go midnight bowling.
Go to a midnight movie.

32. Buy an outfit at a thrift store and wear it out to dinner.
Buy those ugly boots from Nordstrom and try to wear them at all.

33. Build a birdhouse together.
Build a mousetrap car together.

34. Pop popcorn the old-fashioned way.
Hunt for dinner the old-fashioned way.

35. Take a CPR/First Aid class together.
Take eighth grade Health together and yell, "Keep coughing, keep coughing!" during every demonstration.

36. Donate blood to a blood bank.
Make a withdrawal from a blood bank. Note: Only applies to bloodsuckers.

37. Conquer a fear by doing something you are afraid of.
Conquer a fear by watching Bilbo's moment of insanity again and again and again...

38. Volunteer at a Special Olympics event.
Volunteer for necromancy practice.

39. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Volunteer for KP at the Insane Scenario Building. Extra points if you don't kill Talkie Toaster.

40. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
Take lessons from BeBe and Aura's School of Dance.

41. Learn how to tango.
Learn how to fandango.

42. Take guitar lessons.
Take manner lessons.

43. Get competitive in a high-energy board game.
Get competitive in a high-energy chess game.

44. Go to a Little League baseball game.
Go to a Little League Quidditch game.

45. Go to a college coffee to the ice skating rink.
Get treatment for your schizophrenia.

46. Sing in the rain.
Sing during The Blair Aura Project. Watch Nin's blood pressure rise.

47. Go on a mountain hike.
Go on a hike through Wildwood Park. Try not to kill yourself at the exercise stations.

48. Spend a Saturday on a Garage Sale shopping spree.
Spend a Saturday on an International District shopping spree.

49. Explore a street fair together.
Explore Antique Row together. Be sure to keep Amy away from the Mecca.

50. Close your eyes and pick a restaurant in the yellow pages.
Close your eyes and pick a door in Messenger Tower.

51. Have a tailgate party.
Have a Coming-of-Age party.

52. Check out the cars at a local car show.
Check out the broomsticks at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

53. Clean out your closets and bring your old clothes to the Salvation Army.
Clean out the junk drawer in Messenger Tower and harass BeBe with Wufei's valentine.

54. Buy matching T-shirts.
Make matching T-shirts.

55. Make decorations for an upcoming holiday.
Make presents for an upcoming holiday. Miss the deadline by at least six months.

56. Go to a rival team's baseball/basketball game wearing your team's jerseys.
Go to a NONN convention wearing a "Down with Necromancers!" shirt.

57. Learn a foreign language.
Invent a foreign language. "Cholesterol, that's @wesome beyond @wesome! Totally lenticular, yo!"

58. Spend an afternoon making homemade ice cream.
Spend an afternoon making homemade corpuscles.

59. Rent a paddleboat for the day on a local lake.
Rent ANYTHING from Stadium Video.

60. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate to the ice skating rink.
Bring a thermos of hot chocolate to Nini's tea party. Better safe than sorry.

61. Go for a hayride.
Go for a joyride...in Amy's Gundam.

62. Pick fresh apples from a local orchard and bake an apple pie.
Buy fresh Jell-O Cook & Serve and bake a lemon meringue pie. Get ridiculously excited when it weeps.

63. Go rock climbing.
Go rock tipping. Insane rock tipping, that is.

64. Build a tree swing in your front yard.
Build a "Shrieking Shack" set in your parents' basement.

65. Go white-water rafting.
Go seadooing.

66. Wake up before dawn and go on a fishing trip.
Wake up before noon and go see "Superman Returns."

67. Watch your favorite old movies during a movie marathon night.
Watch your 'favorite' OVAs during an anime movie night. Give a prize to whomever's still awake at the end of "Message."

68. Make your own fortune cookies.
Make your own Sapphira fortune cookies. Well, well!

69. Go for an evening stroll.
Go for an evening trip to Fred Meyer.

70. Share an ice cream cone at the boardwalk.
Share a potluck at Portable 4.

71. Visit an old mutual friend.
Visit a hammie graveyard.

72. Play volleyball on the beach.
Play "The Dig" on Owie.

73. Go to the mountains and take a load of snow home to build a snowman in your front yard.
Wait for the snow to come to you and build a snowman in the middle of a cul-de-sac. Then run the sucker down.

74. Try parasailing.
Try paraphrasing...an old Tenar story.

75. Make a scrapbook of the memories you share.
Make an index of the inside jokes you share.

76. Watch the sunset.
Watch the sunset AND the sunrise. All-nighters suck.

77. Chase a rainbow.
Chase a screech owl.

78. Go to an ethnic restaurant and speak only in that language the entire date.
Go to a restaurant and speak only in Gypsy Gem the entire time. "Hello, dear waiter! Might I have some scrumptious breadsticks, please? Yes, yes!"

79. Pack blankets and cocoa and go out of the city to watch a meteor shower.
Pack turkey sandwiches and go explore the wonders of the Pacific Science Center.

80. Play put-put golf.
Play Scrabulous.

81. Make a wish and throw a coin in a wishing well.
Make a wish and throw a diskette at Marian's face.

82. Help a kid in the neighborhood build a clubhouse.
Help a kid at the zoo remember the difference between puffins and penguins.

83. Compete for the most unusual find at a flea market.
Compete for the coveted title of "Quote King."

84. Make a bet on who will be in the newspaper first and fight to win!
Make a bet on BeBe's gaming skills and goad her at every opportunity.

85. Join a walk/march to benefit a local charity.
Join an assassination squad to benefit your own bloodlust.

86. Go out to dinner and tell the waiter that it is your date's birthday.
Go out to dinner and reenact the Last Supper.

87. Make a meal out of only food from a vending machine.
Make a meal out of anything from the SUB or Roto.

88. Decorate Easter eggs to deliver to all your neighbors.
Decorate the set for a New Year's Eve party. Watch your hard work be demolished by Aura's pets.

89. Build a sand castle.
Build a character shrine.

90. Search for a four-leaf clover.
Search for the control room.

91. Find a big, strong tree and climb it for a picnic in the sky.
Find a big, strong tree and perform a dramatic leap from its upper branches to the east wing roof. Extra points if done while wearing a catsuit.

92. Plant a vegetable garden.
Plant a giant carrot garden.

93. Send a message in a bottle.
Send a message in a bottle...of Jones Soda!

94. Go on a kayaking trip.
Go on a Sai-hunting trip.

95. Build a campfire and cook a gourmet dinner using only foil and Dixie cups.
Build a campfire and set fire to Heather's purple arm sling.

96. Get lost in a corn maze.
Get lost in downtown Seattle.

97. Go to a rodeo.
Go to a con.

98. Bake and decorate sugar cookies just because.
Plan and run a telethon just because.

99. Go to a new restaurant and order something on the menu that you've never heard of.
Go to a new restaurant and order grits and hushpuppies.

100. Have a water fight.
Have a blaster watergun fight.

101. Exchange back massages.
Exchange long-overdue gifts.


Posted by: BeBe (bitter_banshee)
Posted at: June 18th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC)

Yay, this is awesome! I can't believe you changed all 101 of them!

Can you imagine if we actually tried to be Gypsy Gem in any public place for an extended period of time? I think I'd crack up too much!

>Make a wish and throw a diskette at Marian's face.
I hope your wish came true! >_<

Holy cwow, it is a mark of how tired I am that I tried to spell true as through, then realizing it looked wrong, corrected it to though... then realized the word I was looking for was not any variation of those. *sigh*

Anyway, they were all very hilarious, dear!

Posted by: BeBe (bitter_banshee)
Posted at: June 18th, 2008 03:27 am (UTC)

Except the Sai-hunting trip. >:(

Posted by: Nini (necromish)
Posted at: June 18th, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)

Thank you, thank you... I don't know why I suddenly felt the need to finish it after all these years, but there ya' go. I was actually quite surprised at how much work had already been done on it; there were only ten or so left to change. Apparently I was far more productive back then.

My wish was that, in six years time, you wouldn't save over my Zelda game with your crappy LinkS file. So no. It didn't come true. *glares* And you obviously know nothing of humor, banshee. Sai-hunting is the epitome of hilariousness.

Posted by: elelelf (elelelf)
Posted at: August 31st, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)

Is # 100 directed at me? :) And has #78 actually been done?

Posted by: Nini (necromish)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)

A little paranoid, are we? ^_^ No, #101 (I assume that's the one you meant) is directed at all of us. Perhaps we need to make our gifts less epic...?

To my knowledge, #78 has never been done. If you wanna take a stab at it, though, you're certainly welcome to. ^_~

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